Baby’s (third) first Christmas

I had my final first Christmas this afternoon in Danville with Grandma Barb’s family. We all had great fun. My grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, and great aunts and great uncles gave me many wonderful gifts.

with the grandparents
Tiring out

Thanks so much to everyone for making my first Christmas a memorable one (well, for my parents at least).

144 days, 19 hours, 21 minutes old

Baby’s (second) first Christmas

The best gift

We spent the few days around Christmas in Peoria with Grandma Nan and Grandpa Rick. They proved once again that I am indeed spoiled.

Stocking stuffer

I have a bunch of new clothes and some kick-ass monkey boots.

Meli and Will

Most importantly, with four big people in the house someone was always available to hold me and/or carry me around. You there…

Will and Grandma Nan

After the gifts I saw my first snowstorm.


…from inside.

Will watches his first snowstorm

Then I got to see Mom’s friend Amy.

Melissa and Amy

…and her husband Ben too (but it’s hard to get excited about that 🙂

Will and Ben

Last but not least, I played around with my new (to me) toy.


I assume this Christmas thing (whatever it is) is going to happen once a week or so from now on, right?

139 days, 21 hours, 36 minutes old

Baby’s first Christmas

Well, it’s official: I’m spoiled.

Okay, now you're just being silly

Last night was my first Christmas celebration with the Schofield family at Nana & Grampy’s house. They usually take turns opening gifts one at a time from youngest to oldest, then repeat until gifts are exhausted. My wonderful family gave me so many gifts that I had to open two each round… and I still lasted more rounds than anyone else.

Will's half on the left, everyone else's half on the right

Will’s gifts on the left, everyone else’s gifts on the right

Not a meat eater
Napping through the most exciting part
Does it come in adult sizes?

Since Great Uncle Brad was the first person to run out of gifts I let him open mine. I wasn’t the only one excited about them.

Brad more excited about Will's gifts than Will

Now I just need to find a place to put all my new toys and clothes.

134 days, 10 hours, 45 minutes old

Non-stop excitement

These past few days have been non-stop excitement. I’ve hardly been able to sleep at night (or during the day) because of it.

Yesterday, Dr. Mom successfully defended her dissertation (whatever that is).

Adviser S.L. with Melissa and Will

I was stoked.

So proud of Momma

This morning I went to the mall to meet Santa (whoever that is).

Wait, this isn't Mommy

Then a few hours later Daddy and I cut down our Christmas tree (whatever that is).

The video doesn’t show it, but it was mostly me cutting down the tree. Daddy only helped a little bit.

122 days, 21 hours, 1 minutes old

The third of many Thanksgivings

Well, our third Thanksgiving celebration of the week is over and I’m exhausted. We gathered with the Schofields at Grandma Barb & Grandpa Bruce’s house. As per usual, I stole the show. The most exciting part was getting to meet Nana, Grampy, and Uncle Brad. I also really enjoyed seeing Uncle Andy and Aunt Kim again.

Great grandma Bassett

Uncle Andy and Aunt Kim

Cutest guy in the room

108 days, 20 hours, 33 minutes old