with old friends… and my blog.

Swimming is fun.



What’s so funny?


My friend E. was nice enough to give me his old Maillot Jaune, which I have since proudly worn on many bike rides.


I’m just having the most fun at daycare. I wake up early in the morning (sometimes too early because I’m so excited). Then Daddy and I either bike or run there.

Morning nap

Then I play and learn all the day long. Then some days Daddy takes me home on the bike, and other days Mommy runs home with me.

Baby jogger

Anyway, I have some new skills. I’ve been waving for months now, but most of the time it was sort of by accident. Now I wave at people to say hello or goodbye to them.


Also, before I was really good at knocking over stacks of blocks. But now I can stack them back up all by myself.

Stacking blocks

Ah, motor skills.

Week two in St. Louis was even busier than week one. I tried to be on my bestest behavior because I could tell Mom & Dad were both way stressed. I entertained myself for hours in our hotel room, racing back and forth along the floor.


I was all over the place

I usually slept pretty well (okay, except for a couple times). Since we were all the same room, Mom & Dad kept extra quiet and turned all the lights off so I could sleep better.

Warm glowing warming glow

Mom works in the dark

Dad & I did lots of walking (and a little bit of cycling) out in the hot sun. Dad got new sunburns everyday, while I worked on my sweet leg tan. We hit the zoo a few more times, as I enjoy spending time with other apes.

Ape feet

Whose feet are bigger?

Chow time

Chow time!

Finally, last but not least, we moved into our new house!!! Sort of. Well, we’re here, except all we have is what fit in our car. The place is pretty bare at the moment, but that’s kind of good as I have more room to crawl.

Lucky red hat

My new home

I love this place!

It’s been one heck of a week. We moved (temporarily) into a hotel room in St. Louis and Mom has been working every day at her new job. During the days Dad tries to keep me entertained with various activities, sometimes even pushing me in the stroller while talking on the phone or answering emails from people at work.

Guys hiking

Walking in Forest Park with Daddy

So far we’ve made too many loops to count around Forest Park in the bike trailer. We’ve walked and biked all over the Washington University campus, our future neighborhood, my future daycare, the loop, and so on.

Little man on campus

Me in front of Mommy’s office at WashU

Daddy & I have been to the zoo twice and we still haven’t even seen half of it.


Penguins at the zoo

We also went to the Magic House children’s museum. It was super-cool, though most of it was a bit too advanced for me right now. I’ll probably get more out of it in the coming months.

Will likes the mirrors

Crazy mirrors at the Magic House

On top of everything else, I’ve been trying exciting new foods, like Clif Bars and Veggie Sticks.

Clif Bar

Eating a chocolate brownie Clif Bar

Eating veggie sticks

My new favorite activity is crawling back and forth on the floor of the hotel room.

Floor time

Playing on the hotel room floor

I can’t wait for more of the same in the coming week. I’m having such a blast!

My first Independence Day holiday was quite eventful. First I watched Dad suffer through a brutally hot 5K race.

Are we having fun yet?

After the race, we all loaded up onto the bike and rode in the parade.


Parade Ragfields

Then came the best part. I got a new swimming pool and I got to use it for the first time when we got home.


Me & Daddy swimming

Splashing around

More pool fun

Sometimes Mom & Dad think it’s funny to let me play with the camera

326 days, 21 hours, 18 minutes old

Now that the family bike is set up and all ready to go, today we packed a picnic lunch and rode over to the swimming pool. It was my first time swimming and I really enjoyed it, especially the splashing.

Will gets into the pool with Dad

Will & Mom

Splashy splashy


Happy day

I also really like grabbing the camera and throwing it down!

291 days, 19 hours, 35 minutes old

Big Red

I’ve been on a few bike rides with Daddy, but this afternoon we took our first full-fledged family bike ride. Mommy and Daddy hooked my chariot up to Big Red and we went to the park. It was a short ride (which was good because I was getting a little hungry), but still quite enjoyable.

Big Red

I love how my chariot matches the bike. We looked pretty sharp.

289 days, 18 hours, 34 minutes old

Daddy and I like to have fun.

Two little monkeys

So much attention

Sometimes we even dress alike.

Google Gaga

Mini Rob

We like to play outside together.

Headed out

Rio Grande

We share other interests as well.

I love my new toy

What was my password again?

We go together, big and small.



Daddy and I are two little monkeys.


272 days, 21 hours, 10 minutes old

Dad took me on my first bike ride in my new chariot this evening. I knew something different was coming when they strapped me into yet another kind of thing.

I don't know what's going on, but I love it

I watched intently as Dad figured out how to hook it up.

Getting ready

photo by Melissa

Soon we were ready to go.

Headed out

photo by Melissa

Oh boy, was I ever excited.

Will's excited for his first bike ride

photo by Melissa


The boys

photo by Melissa

We rode around the park and back, a total of five miles. By the end I was ready to get out. I think we’ll have to build up the mileage slowly.

240 days, 19 hours, 10 minutes old