Hopping down the bunny trail

I’ve been dancing up a storm lately. At home. At daycare. At home. I really loved the Easter card Grandma and Grandpa R. sent me. At the playground last weekend I rode the teeter-totter for the first time. Wheee! I’ve been fighting crime in my spare time. I have taken to eating on the couch. […]

Grand opening

My daycare, the Washington University Family Learning Center, had its grand opening celebration this week. I took part in a parade with all the other kids. I even waved to the crowd from my vehicle like a beauty pageant winner. It was fun. To honor the occasion everyone painted their handprints on big canvas posters, […]


Okay, even though I’m not spending all day with Mom & Dad anymore, that doesn’t mean I’m any less photogenic. The ladies at daycare take photos from time to time. It’s taken a few weeks, but I’m finally sort of getting adjusted here. The last two days I didn’t even cry when Dad dropped me […]