Finding Thumbkin

I’ve been working really hard at finding thumbkin. The problem is, my dang arms keep flailing around, so if I find thumbkin, it almost always gets away again. Here’s a video Mama took of me last week: And then last night when Mama was putting me in my jammies, I got thumbkin real good for […]

Tiny Pouting Jedi

Last night we all went to a Halloween party at Professor Pablo’s house. I guess I must have wanted a “store-bought” costume, because I wasn’t too happy that Mama made me wear this outfit she came up with and go as a Jedi Knight. Mama and Daddy went as Jedi Knights too. Daddy was really […]


Dad sat me up for a photo shoot this evening, but I wanted no part of it. So I just turned my little self to the side and rolled over onto my belly. Sure, it was a gravity-assisted rollover, but it was still a rollover. 61 days, 20 hours, 33 minutes old