San Fran

Well, I just got back home from our family trip to San Francisco. Just like our previous trip to Albuquerque I behaved pretty well on the flights (aside from puking all over Dad two separate times). There was so much exciting stuff happening I doubt I’ll be able to remember it all!

I rode on the subway (BART).

Will rides BART

Our hotel room was on the 29th floor!

Will in the big city

Eating stars

I rode on a cable car.



I had picnic lunches at Union Square and Baker Beach.

Picnic in Union Square

I saw the ocean.

Soothing ocean sounds

I went back to see the ocean again when I was awake.

Team Ragfield on Baker Beach

I went to Coit Tower.

Team Ragfield

San Francisco

I went to Golden Gate Park.


Resting at Golden Gate Park

I went to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Team Ragfield at bridge

Team Ragfield on bridge

I may have seen a shark.

Shark or dolphin?

I hiked along the coast.

Two sweaty guys hiking the Coastal Trail

I laid around and read.

Book worm

I ate some new foods, like naan.


And last, but not least, I got my very own lucky red hat.

Lucky red hat

Yep, it was the bestest vacation ever.

308 days, 19 hours, 9 minutes old

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  1. Dear William,
    Yep — I agree – the bestest vacation ever!! You are a wonderful traveler! Thank you so much for telling us about your trip and for showing us all the places you visited and the things you got to do. The pictures are awesome!! And you looked like you were having a blast!! Lots of love, great auntie

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