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  1. Hello William, this is auntie saying thank you for twittering and blogging so those of us who are far away can see you and hear you and even know what you’re thinking!! Welcome to a big family and lots of friends who love you very much … you are going to have a wonderful time growing bigger and bigger and bigger with mama and ‘proud’ dad to guide you along the way. By the way, i think you are sooooooo cute … and i especially like the way you’re always looking around to make sure you know what everybody’s doing!! Keep up the good work! lots of hugs from Auntie

  2. O WOW!!!!!! Now you’re BLOGGING!!!!! How can Grama keep up with you? You have email, Tweets, and now a blog!!!! I LOVE reading about your busy days, and nights!!! You must try to ‘sleep’ at night, so momma and daddy can get some rest, too!!! Just think, it was only a week ago today , that you came home from the hospital. You’ve had a very busy week learning your way around the house, and how to keep momma and daddy hopping!!!!! You are a precious little baby , and we miss you very much!!!!! If you need grama nan to come ‘help’ you, just ‘GIVE me a CALL, and I’ll come runnin!!!!! Luv and hugs , grama nan

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