You all know how much I love trains.

Big wheel

One Sunday afternoon we went for a train ride.

Train #1

On the train

Train ride

We had so much fun I wanted to go to the train museum (transportation museum). While we were there we rode another train.

On train #2

Train #2

Then we rode a working trolley.

On the trolley

Since we had already hit three trains, and we still had a little bit of time before dinner, we went to the fun park and rode two more trains.

Train #4

Train #5

That was a total of five trains in one afternoon! Great day or greatest day?

For the third year in a row I ran the Kids ¼ Mile Dash at the Macklind Mile race last weekend. First Daddy and Grandma ran their races. Then it was my turn. I started with Grandpa.

IMG 0006

Then the race started and I was flying.

IMG 0013

I was running neck and neck with our neighbor until she fell and I passed her.

IMG 0010

Finally, the finish line!

IMG 0014

I’m 42″ tall now, so last weekend Dad took me to Six Flags. We did lots of the little rides, and a few of the bigger rides too.

We even went on the Screamin’ Eagle, the huge old wooden roller coaster. It was really scary for me, but after we finished I decided I really liked it.

We took a real working steam train on a ride around the park.

We were going to go on another roller coaster, but I chickened out at the last minute. Then it was time for lunch. During lunch it started to rain heavily, with no end in sight so we went home early. I was tired anyway.

The trip to the fun park was great and I hope to do it again soon!

I got my hands on a camera yesterday and I couldn’t stop taking photos. Here’s one I took of Mom & Dad:


Here’s some flowers:


Here’s my finger:


Here’s the obligatory self portrait:


And another:


And finally some toys:





My blog is now two years old. Oh, and so am I.

Happy Birthday!

We had a great party where lots of friends came over to play and my grandparents all visited.



I couldn’t contain my excitement when I started to receive gifts.


Balloon fun


New truck

Sand and water

Mommy made some delicious cake.


Elmo cake

I was prince for a day, even though I continued to wear the crown for a few more days.

Princely snack

I took my third (and final free) plane trip last month to Seattle and nearby national parks.

We hiked.

Opting against the 7-8 mile trails

And hiked.

More hiking

And hiked.

Having a good time

We saw snow.

Snow at 6000'

We saw mountains.

Will is excited for some more hiking

We saw the ocean.

Will at the Pacific Ocean

We saw lakes.

Lake Crescent

We saw waterfalls.

Marymere Falls

And we saw more waterfalls.

You guys are totally looking the wrong way

We saw trees.

Does anyone else see this?

And we saw bigger trees.

Tree huggers 2011

We saw tall buildings.

Will at the Space Needle

We saw fish.

Grandma shows Will the fish

It was the bestest vacation ever, or at least the best vacation since the last one.

with old friends… and my blog.

Swimming is fun.



What’s so funny?


My friend E. was nice enough to give me his old Maillot Jaune, which I have since proudly worn on many bike rides.